Septic Do’s and Don’ts

Here are a few helpful tips for you to consider when using septic tanks.


– Always use the designated amount of cleaning detergents for toilets and drains

– Replace old fixtures with “low flow” ones to help conserve water

– Replace or repair any broken fixtures that are dripping or leaking in any way

– Keep the run of the outdoor roof drains away from the septic tank areas

– Keep the septic tank cover free from blocking objects, this makes for easier inspections

– Frequently check to make sure there are no blocked air vents

– Always hire a licensed professional to handle any inspections or repairs

– Regularly have tank services done

– Frequently run water in rarely used drains (any sinks or showers, etc.) to avoid toxic gases from building up in the drains and causing terrible odors on your property.


– Don’t dump any food into the sink. Septic systems are not designed to accept food from garbage disposals. Food actually contributes to the development of Hydrogen Sulfide and will cause deterioration (spawls occur) of the concrete above the water line. Could lead to a top collapse over a prolonged period.

– Never overload a water system (consecutive loads of laundry or running multiple appliances at once)

– Don’t pour any oils or fats down the drain

– Don’t use your sink or toilet as a disposal for your garbage

– Don’t put yeast down the sink or any other commercial products

– Don’t plant any trees around the head of the septic tank as the branches can ruin the pipes

– Never cover the tank bed with hard substances like concrete or asphalt

– Do not flush anything but human waste or toilet paper down the toilet (the ideal toilet paper is 1 ply)

– Other products to not flush: coffee grounds, baby wipes, dental floss, cloth, tissues, medications, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, etc.

– Never enter the septic tank or inspect it on your own – there can be dangerous (and fatal) gases used during the treatment process.
Hydrogen sulfide maybe present and can be deadly if inhaled in sufficient quantities.

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